Afm Basic Agreement

Our contracts are at the heart of our union. Everything we get through collective action and collective bargaining is guaranteed because management signs agreements. Our contracts allow us to ensure that employers do what they are required to do. They raise the expectations of all musicians in terms of remuneration, performance and professional treatment. Low-budget rates can be used if the film falls below $45 million for motion pictures or $5 million per hour of programming for television films (basic and long-form television movies). Since their introduction in 1996, these low budget rates have increased employment opportunities in the field of application. In addition, low-budget soundtrack albums are often published. The use of this agreement is subject to the association`s prior written agreement. Contact the local recording company representative or Pat Varriale at the AFM West Coast Office for more information on a low-budget package for theatre or television films. There are also new additional provisions that allow discounted prices for the first 25 episodes of a television series or pilot. Note: The above agreements are merely summaries of collective agreements. For effective agreements, please contact the Electronic Media Services Division of the American Federation of Musicians. Please note that acceptance agreements and acceptance letters must be sent to the association for counter-signature.

Please send an email to 1000 local work costs for admission contracts are charged at 3.5% of the salary of all musicians on the recording. Media agreements to use: Here is a diagram that shows the appropriate electronic media agreement for obtaining the rights of musicians in your orchestra. This section contains basic guidelines to which the AFM agreement applies and links most of the current national agreements. The AFM and Local 47 have recently concluded two innovative agreements. The American Federation of Musicians (AFM) represents musicians and (some) librarians used by some symphony orchestras. The conditions for their participation in an electronic media activity are set either in the basic local collective agreement (CBA) or in a national trade union contract, or subject, on a case-by-case basis, to local negotiations. Our objectives are: 1. To ensure fair remuneration, performance and professional treatment of musicians. 2. To protect our union`s bargaining ability, manage and maintain our contracts. 3.

More work under trade union agreements. We all know what it`s like to ask where your next call will come from or how you`re going to pay your bills. Not a single musician can stop the forces that undermine our profession, but as a union, we have always managed to push back. For more information about Independent Films/Festival Films and low-budget approvals, please contact Matt Allen, AFM Contract Holder: 323.461.5401, e-mail To process AFM registration contracts, you must complete and submit a B4 transfer form that will provide salaries and pension contributions to all musicians on the recording as well as an acceptance letter to the AFM Sound Recording Labor Agreement (SLAR). To become a signatory to the SRLA, you would need to submit the SRLA Single Project Short Form for individual projects. If you have a label and want to submit multiple registration contracts, you should submit the SRLA acceptance letter.