Bcito Training Agreement

Your BCITO training advisor will visit you at least four times a year. If it`s not quite time for a scheduled visit and you like to have advice on your training and progress, don`t hesitate to contact yourself. We help you conclude your training contract with your employer. When you take an apprentice, you are a mentor and an evaluator of their skills. BCITO training counsellors regularly monitor your apprentice`s progress in relation to NZQA qualifications. All ratings are managed by BCITO, you don`t need to mark the books. Your BCITO training advisor stays in touch with you throughout the process and conducts an assessment if necessary. Once you have proven your competence successfully, you will obtain a national certification qualification in your profession. To the extent that you are in the business and use the myBCITO platform in trade, you claim that you did not trust our insurance or any other conduct when accepting these conditions, either before accepting these conditions or at a later date; (ii) With our privacy statement, these terms are the full agreement between you and us regarding your use of the myBCITO platform; and (iii) to the extent necessary to take effect (i) and (ii), you are involved in the conclusion of contracts covered by paragraphs 9, 12A and 13 of the Fair Trading Act 1986. All ratings are managed by BCITO, you don`t need to mark the books. Most trainees are assessed on site by their BCITO training advisor. Your BCITO training advisor is engaged in a formal and structured evaluation process.

Once your apprentice has achieved all unit standards as part of the qualification, he or she obtains an NZQA qualification. Apprentices in certain trades may also be required to take out-of-company training – your BCITO training advisor will explain the exact course of your trade at the time of registration. Your apprentice receives a committed bcito training consultant, who is their professional assessor in the workplace. The role of the training counsellor is to collect and review evidence and assess your apprentice`s skills and knowledge. Training counsellors also help employers help apprentices learn and look after apprentices to help them progress to skilled craftsmen. You provide evidence (for example.B. written or photographic evidence and references) of your skills, and a BCITO training advisor visits you on site for practical advice. If we feel that your industry experience is solid, we can include you in a BCITO training contract and start the process.

If the evaluation focuses on areas that require additional work, you need to do additional evaluation activities – we provide BCITO resources to prepare for them. Your training advisor visits at least four times a year to assess your apprentice`s progress. Hiring interns and training your employees makes your business more efficient and profitable. For the future of New Zealand, it is also crucial that you pass on your valuable knowledge to the next generation.