Audit Service Agreement

“services,” the company`s audits of the client using the audit program. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all proposals or evaluation audits (the “services”) submitted to one of SGS Societe Generale`s affiliates of Supervisory Company SA or one of its representatives (a company) to a candidate for services (the “customer”) are subject to these terms and conditions of sale and represent the entire agreement (the “contract”) between the client and the entity concerned. (g) Additional charges are charged for transactions that are not included in the contract and/or (ii) emergency orders, cancellations or service changes, or for partial or full repetitions payable at applicable business rates. If, for any reason, the company is prevented from providing or performing a service for which a contract has been entered into, the customer will pay the company (b) a portion of the agreed fee corresponding to the share (if any) of the service actually provided; and the company is free of any liability for the partial or total non-compliance of the required services. (b) compensation: with the exception of cases of negligence or fraud proven by SGS, the client also undertakes to compensate SGS and its senior managers and to compensate: Employees, agents or subcontractors against any claim (real or threatened) by third parties to loss, damage or costs of any kind, including all legal charges, fees and other costs, and regardless of their performance, alleged provision or non-compliance with the services or (ii) of the product, process or service of the customer that are certified (including, without restriction, the liability of the product). (a) contracts are normally intended for a specified period of time, either directly related to the validity of the certificates in question or the nature of the services to be provided, and may be renewed thereafter; “assessment audit request,” the form showing the scope and fees of the services to be performed. (a) the amount of any erroneous expenses actually made or incurred; “Deliverable,” the audit report and, if applicable, a certificate that the entity makes available to the client at the end of the services.