Circle Usdc User Agreement

Circle`s failure to exercise or apply a right or provision of the agreement does not constitute a waiver of that right or provision. If a provision of this agreement is declared unenforceable or invalidated by a competent court, that provision is limited or eliminated to the bare minimum necessary to ensure that, otherwise, that agreement remains fully in force and remains applicable between the parties, unless it is provided for in Section 31. Titles and explanatory text are used only for reference purposes and do not define, limit, construct or in any way describe the scope or extent of this section. This agreement, including Circle`s policies for USDC services, referred to here, the privacy policy, the cookie policy and the e-sign agreement constitute the full agreement between you and Circle regarding the use of USDC services. This agreement is not intended and should not be construed as justifying rights or remedies in parties other than you and other Circle partners, who are supposed to be a third party beneficiary of this Agreement, and no other person will assert rights under that agreement as a third party beneficiary. We reserve the right to transfer the Agreement and the rights and obligations of the Agreement to third parties at any time without prior notice or consent. If you object to such a transfer or transfer, you can terminate the use of our USDC services and terminate this contract by contacting the support and asking us to close your USDC account. You can save bitcoins with your Circle Pay account. To transfer Bitcoin to another Circle user, you need to send us your email address, phone number or dial it from your Circle contacts. To transfer bitcoin to a third party that accepts bitcoin (which is not a circle user), you must give us your Bitcoin address.

Note that all Bitcoin transfers are irreversible and you cannot cancel a Bitcoin transfer once you have confirmed the transfer. To contact the support, go to the support and open a ticket. Please provide all relevant information, including your poloniex us username and transaction credentials for all associated deposits. Although we do not give any assurance or guarantee as to the speed of reaction, we will come back to you as soon as possible. Circle may, at its discretion, set limits on the number of API calls you can make, for example, to maintain market stability and integrity. You recognize and accept that if you exceed these limits, Circle may moderate your activities or allow you to access the API (or another API offered by Circle Group) at your discretion. Circle may suspend or terminate your access to the API immediately without notice if it believes that you are violating the terms and conditions of this Agreement (including Section 22) or any other agreement that may exist between you and Circle in relation to the use of the API. Subject to your compliance with this Agreement and other agreements between you and Circle in connection with your use of the API, Circle hereafter grants you a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-transferable, under-conceded license that uses the API exclusively for the purpose of trading poloniex US. You agree not to use the API or data provided via the API for other commercial purposes. You use the API at your own risk and Circle is not responsible for the actions you perform based on the API.

The agreement lists 11 15 “Prohibited Transactions” in which it can act against users` accounts and freeze its USDCs. You are responsible for the privacy and security of all account names, user IDs, passwords, personal identification numbers (NPIs) and mobile unlock codes (the “security details”) that you use to access services.