Device Agreement

7. * Your wireless device and compatibility with other networks and devices. You may purchase a wireless device from us or another person for the use of our Service, but it must comply with federal communications Commission rules, be certified for use on our network, be compatible with our service or network, and not potentially harm it. Our services only work with wireless devices that are compatible with our network and not all services are available with all wireless devices or on all networks. Some features and pricing are only available on Metro by T-Mobile wireless devices that have been purchased from us. Sometimes we may remotely change the software, applications, or programming of your wireless device without notice in order to resolve security, security, or other issues that affect our network or your device. These changes change your wireless device and may affect or delete the data you saved on your wireless device or how you programmed or used your wireless device. A Metro by T-Mobile wireless device is designed to be used only with our service and on our network. Your wireless device may not work with another wireless network, or the other wireless provider may not accept your wireless device on their network. If your wireless device was purchased by Metro by T-Mobile or an authorized metro by T-Mobile reseller, the wireless device has a software programming lock system that prevents the wireless device from working with the services of other compatible mobile carriers.

For more information about our software unlock policy, see Your wireless device may contain confidential or personal information. Metro by T-Mobile is not responsible for any information on your wireless device, including sensitive or personal information. To the extent possible, you should delete or protect all sensitive or personal information if your wireless device is outside of your ownership or control, including, but not limited to, tasking, replacing, returning or recycling your wireless device. By providing us with your wireless device, you agree that our employees, contractors or suppliers may access all information on your wireless device. 16. * Customer Notifications and Communications. You expressly agree to be contacted by Metro by T-Mobile or anyone who calls on its behalf at any time to any telephone number or physical or email address at which you can be reached, including a wireless telephone number. You agree that Metro by T-Mobile may contact you in any way, including pre-recorded or artificial voice or text messages sent by an automatic phone selection system or email messages sent by an automatic messaging system. You agree that we also have permission to contact any authorized user in your account for service or payment purposes. Each message is treated as it is made available to you when it is sent to your home, on your wireless device, on your reply/voice service or by e-mail or fax to an e-mail or fax number you have provided to us or 3 days after it is sent to your last known address, as shown in our recordings,. .